This website celebrates the music of a large group of friends. Our group is always growing and evolving. We meet at music festivals - especially the Evart, Michigan Dulcimer FunFest, the Midland, Michigan Folk Festival, and at our house... where ever and when ever we can. Since we are all scattered around the country, this page is here to help us remember good times and good tunes, and to learn new tunes for next time we come together.

When we get together, we jam. We jam till the wee hours, and then - if we're lucky - we do it again the next day. When we jam, we often have glow in the dark stuff, disco balls, and light up hats. And more light up hats. We often change keys randomly. We often play very, very fast. We welcome odd instruments and multiples of all instruments (including bass players!), people who just want to watch the craziness, seasoned professionals, kids (of all playing levels), and newbies. Where ever we are, it's an OPEN JAM. If you find us, stay a while. You are always welcome.

Our group exists to have fun. This website exists to enable us to have MORE fun.

Note: This is brand new and we're still working out the bugs. Let us know if you find any, or if there is something you'd love to see here!

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